Thursday, June 4, 2009

Green Environment day

This morning, i managed to force myself out of bed. Half awake, i grabbed the clothes that i had laid out and headed to the bathroom. & i realised today was environment day. School seemed like trees coming alive,walking around. or Little Elves busily helping Santa Claus to prepare children's present before christmas.

headed to the hall. & listened to a talk about environment. halfway, i was folding origami :D. taught by Carmen Phuah! :D. went back to class, waited till 11.30. then Tug of war. well, Danson won Cornwall & Macdougall won Hollis. (: finals on Sports day. went home. had quick showerr. then Malay Tuition! (:

Joyce Wong

Carmen Phuah

- Speechless,when youu're there. .
just tell me whyy? (:

&i'm out! :D

chyi (:

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